THIS Agreement, Made this ____ day of __________ 201__, between Bill Carico hereinafter called the Agent, and __________________ hereinafter called the Renter,

That the said Agent does hereby rent unto the said Renter, and the said Renter does hereby rent from the said Agent: LBJ Lake House(s), ______408 and/or _____ 410 Stanley Street, Kingland, TX, (check either or both) to be used as a vacation residence.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the premises above described for arrival on ________ and departure on ________, for a security deposit of $_______ and a rental fee for ___ (number of nights) X (times) $________ (nightly rate) for a total rent of $________ (plus 11% hotel tax on top of rental fee, plus a one time $80 cleaning fee). Renter may take occupancy at or after 5 p.m. on day of arrival and must vacate the premises by 10:00 a.m. on day of departure. Renter will have a maximum of ___ (number) of people staying on the premises overnight on any given night during this rental period.

AND IT IS AGREED that if Renter cancels for any reason, Renter is NOT entitled to any refund, thus Renter is advised to purchase cancellation insurance from licensed representative. All payments minus security deposit will be forfeited.

AND IT IS AGREED that the Renter, members of the Renter's party, and invitees will use the lake and other amenities at their own risk and will hold the Agent harmless from any and all personal injuries which may result to the Renter, members of the Renter's party, or invitees.

AND IT IS AGREED that the Renter and his party shall respect the privacy and the right to quiet enjoyment of the neighborhood, and will allow the Agent to terminate this agreement immediately upon any conduct which causes a disruption or interference.

AND IT IS AGREED the Renter shall pay to the Agent, first from the security deposit, then on demand, for damages to said premises, or to any fixture or appurtenances, excepting such as are produced by accidental fire or natural decay. Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited, if this policy is violated extra cleaning charges will apply. A minimum of $100 will be deducted from deposit to cover the cost to deodorize the house, and the cost could be more depending on the extent of cleaning needed.

AND IT IS AGREED the Renter shall pay to the Agent, first from the security deposit, then on demand, for replacement of furniture, appliances and fixtures reported as shortages in inventory taken after said Renter has checked out.

AND IT IS AGREED that the Agent shall have the right of entry to inspect the unit at any time it has reasonable cause to believe the unit has been damaged in any way, or improper conduct is taking place within the unit.

THIS AGREEMENT shall be governed by, construed, and reinforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Texas.


Representive for Bill Carico


Mail To:
Bill Carico
9750 Village Highway
Concord, VA 24538

Phone: (434) 426 - 2287


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