IT expert Bill Carico registered the domain in the early days of the Internet. Since that time, he has turned down countless offers to sell it, instead keeping it as he continues to refine his dream of creating a safe internet.

In the early years of his career, Bill designed and created a customized database security system for an oil company named Gulf Canada, and for the Dutch National Bank of Denmark. He also partnered with the US Army to develop a secure network tool called TITUS, that is still in use. One of his proudest achievements is helping create a technology roadmap for Health Canada, who followed it and raised Canada’s overall worldwide health ranking to surpass over 30 countries, second only to Denmark.

Born and raised in Virginia, Bill’s IT career started over 40 years ago. Since then, he has served hundreds of large organizations and government agencies, eventually amassing more than 1800 clients around the world. For 22 years, he offered perhaps the longest running IT seminar series in history. Attendees were technical managers from some of the largest IT shops in the world.

Bill doesn’t mind sharing his resume so you can understand X4’s origins. The brilliant team behind X4 who dare challenge the big tech tyrants of this world will remain behind the scenes as they continue to advance the capabilities of the software available for your use right now at

X4 secure calling is a key part of a comprehensive plan to create a safe internet that we refer to as X4 Internet. A major goal is to eliminate the threats from spywareransomware, and other types of malware.

To fully comprehend the threats everyone now faces, look around at how the world has become more dangerous since 2016 when our own government lost its Internet spying tools to the world of hackers. Network authority Bill Alderson sounded the alarm that the FBI, NSA, and CIA had lost control of their most powerful surveillance tools. X4 secure calling was officially announced on Dec 7, 2022, to commemorate that the NSA was founded so we would never experience another surprise attack like what happened Dec 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor.

For a deeper understanding of the technical details of a number of important security issues, please download the full PDF slide deck that Bill Carico created for the Austin Cybersecurity conference held in May of 2022.

Among the main topic of creating a Zero Trust Network architecture, these slides reveal how bigger ransoms are being extorted from bigger entities in Government and the private sector, and even to the extent of crippling critical infrastructure like the Colonial Pipeline. Also please note how bad actors are using NSO Group’s spyware known as Pegasus.

Again, adopting X4 secure calling is an important first step in regaining control and restoring privacy in cyberspace. The first 10,000 to enroll and pay $15 monthly will become Charter Members and will be offered early adopter privileges as we continue to expand our services.

X4 secure calling is a key part of a comprehensive plan to create a safe internet that we refer to as X4 Internet. Part of that plan is to eliminate spyware, ransomware, and other types of malware. “

“The world has clearly become a more dangerous place after our own government lost its Internet spying tools in 2016 to criminal elements.”

$6 Trillion Cybercrime report confirms cybercriminals are extorting bigger ransoms from bigger entities in Government and the private sector.

By protecting your rights to privacy, our advanced communications capabilities will advance the cause of freedom. We think it’s high time somebody started looking out for you and yours.

Please see our FAQ page to learn how to use X4 Comms. We look forward to serving you.