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for Prosperity, Privacy, and Protection from Big Tech tyranny and misguided billionaires, and all other threats foreign and domestic. In such times as these, there is strength and safety in numbers, and peace of mind in knowing who to trust.

The only thing which is necessary for
the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.

  • Use IT and the Internet on your own terms,
  • avoid threats and minimize surveillance
  • Apply military-grade solutions and security protocols.

The X4 IT division consists of former intelligence agency operatives. For the equivalent cost of a few triple-shot lattes, you can have our team of cybersecurity pros looking out for you and your loved ones, both locally and globally. Please join us in our mission:

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The last 20 years has seen the internet explode as a social medium and pervasive network of cameras that can be analyzed by artificial intelligence to the extent that mass surveillance is almost unavoidable.

Almost. We're a group of advanced IT and cybersecurity pros who have come up with some powerful and affordable new ways to privatize your communications using video calling, chats, and emails. Immediately we'll allow you to regularly participate in private video chats as an alternative to Zoom but without any of the participants being traceable. It's slick, we're anxious for you to start using it today and we are accepting charter member applications for service starting at $15 monthly.

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In your second month you can start using our secured email service to extend or replace what you have now. Your important documents will be encrypted and automatically backed up to facilitate recovery. We onboard users in the order they sign up.

The X4 communications (X4Comms) package is inlcuded with the $15/monthly membership fee. There are no contracts required to join, cancel anytime. Members select their X4 userids and choose which options for their private security plan. Free offerings include end-to-end encrypted email and chat. Members receive economical rates for customized support plans, individual consultation, or design and development of a custom solution such as automating backups or enhancing on-premise security. Also, X4 members can purchase affordable calling plans and equipment to establish a max security voice comms network for your family or organization.

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