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the antidote for mass surveillance.

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Please turn your phone horizontally and watch this 5-minute video “Inside Mass Surveillance” to learn the importance of guarding your privacy when calling. The FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) are using data collected on US citizens without oversight from courts or congress.

Mass surveillance randomly includes thousands of innocent people in the “zone of suspicion.” Calls made with X4 are shielded from surveillance, intrusion, and tracking. Not only can we protect you from hackers, big tech, and government agencies, but also from some of the largest telecoms in the world that assist them.

William Binney, formerly an intelligence official within the NSA, now a whistleblower and campaigner, talks at World Forum for Democracy about the vast reach of international surveillance in the US, who controls it and what their real intentions are.

Privacy is Liberty is Democracy

William Binney, former NSA Official

Please review the FAQs for more detailed security information about X4 and security in general .

Raising the bar for privacy and security.

Other vendors simply can’t promise you no one is eavesdropping on your calls, but after registering 5 provisional patents, we can! We’re offering you complete privacy right now!

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