Tired of politics as usual? Tired of the status quo? Concerned about the direction of our great country? Then, join our coalition of like-minded Americans from all walks of life to achieve principled based improvements throughout our country in healthcare, education, the legal system, the economy, energy independence, and more… one election at a time!

Our country is at a crossroads. In response, we have started a movement – The X4 Coalition – that will funnel our precious time and money to directly affect important elections in YOUR favor. Instead of your political donations ultimately ending up in the hands of the very people who seek to undermine our country – the mainstream media, entrenched establishment political parties, and certain non-profit organizations – JOIN US and see your most precious vote improve America. My vision is to build the largest coalition of all time, so we can solve all problems peacefully.

Please click the button below to watch a 12 minute video and meet the founder and primary spokesperson of the coalition. This is recorded in interview style for you so anyone who wants to get involved can get to know Bill.

For more information, please send your inquiry to bc@x4.com